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Football RPF


Lionel Messi/Cristiano Ronaldo


Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, James Rodríguez, Neymar

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Alternate Universe - Harem, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Consent Issues, leo really does have a harem, cristiano is his most favored concubine, Concubines, Possessive Behavior


Published: 2015-08-17 Completed: 2015-11-18 Chapters: 12/12 Words: 17309


by pseuicide


Cristiano was sunning himself in front of one of the castle's enormous windows when he felt a hand on his arm. "The king requires your presence in his bedchamber tonight," the guard said. Cristiano resisted the urge to roll his eyes. The king required his presence just about every night.

"As His Grace desires."


I have no idea where this came from! I just wanted to write Messi as an actual king, with an actual harem. Enjoy?

It's not as dark as the tags make it sound, but due to the power imbalance I felt I should put a blanket warning on the whole fic for consent issues and mentions of slavery. Please proceed with caution if you're triggered by this sort of thing!


Cristiano was sunning himself in front of one of the castle's enormous windows when when a long shadow fell over him. "The king requires your presence in his bedchamber tonight," the guard said. Cristiano resisted the urge to roll his eyes. The king required his presence just about every night.

"As His Grace desires," Cristiano said diplomatically, relaxing back against his huge pile of pillows while one of the lower ranking servants fanned him.

"You are to be prepared for His Grace - "

Cristiano cut the guard off with a wave of his hand. "I'm aware of what His Grace expects of me. Please leave my presence, you're blocking my sun."

The guard opened his mouth like he wanted to say something, but quickly thought better of it, mouth clicking shut. Back talking to the King's most favored concubine would cause more trouble than it was worth. Cristiano watched as the guard stalked off with a scowl on his face and shrugged - it was no concern of his. Reaching out, Cristiano plucked a grape off its stem and popped it into his mouth before situating himself back onto his pillows. The breeze from the fan felt delightful when combined with the warmth of the sun beaming in through the windows, the light making the diamonds in his ears glitter beautifully. The luxurious jewels and silks adorning his body were testament to his high ranking within the castle, but also a security measure, Cristiano knew. If he tried to leave, he'd be spotted and returned immediately. And the chances of anyone risking the wrath of the king by helping him and giving him normal clothes were non-existent. Not only was King Messi feared by his enemies, he was beloved by his subjects - which was understandable, since, Cristiano had to admit, he was an excellent ruler. No one in the castle would betray him. Cristiano sighed softly and munched on another grape. As repellent as he found the idea of being little more than a pampered house cat for La Pulga, he supposed there were worse fates.

The other concubines were whispering among themselves, no doubt about the King requesting Cristiano yet again. He sighed softly - let them talk. Instructing the servant to wake him when the baths were available, Cristiano closed his eyes and relaxed against his luxurious pillows. He'd need a good nap before tonight - the King had just returned from travel and would no doubt keep him up until the early hours of the morning. The little flea may have seemed cold as ice in public, but in bed he was hungry and insatiable, particularly for Cristiano. He supposed it was the newness of it all driving the King's lust - Cristiano hadn't been in Messi's harem for very long, and he'd been a very difficult acquisition indeed, one the King had had to fight for himself.

Cristiano still didn't know how he'd lost the battle. He was bigger than Messi, stronger and faster, with a longer reach ... but Messi was tricky, with unparalleled vision - it was like he knew what Cristiano was going to do before he himself did. They had fought for what seemed like hours, until Cristiano felt he might drop with exhaustion, and then it was over, and he was on his back with a sword at his throat.

All of the other concubines had come in more traditional ways - gifts from neighboring kingdoms, selling themselves to pay off debts, others coming through the slave auctions. Only Cristiano was a spoil of war, and he was the jewel of Messi's collection, living proof of his prowess on the battlefield, the golden prize the King valued above all others. But Cristiano was sure the novelty would wear off soon enough.

The King, after all, was of a marrying age. Once he was wed, his attention would be diverted to his new husband, and to producing an heir through a female consort. He'd have little time for Cristiano. This infatuation of Messi's was merely temporary.

It had to be.

Chapter 2

"Cristiano. Cristiano," a voice whispered, shaking him by the shoulder. He cracked one eye open and peeked over - it was James.

"What is it, James?" Cristiano asked, opening his eyes fully and propping himself up on the pillows. James was looking at him excitedly, a bright smile on his young face.

"The King requested you again," he grinned, nudging Cristiano's shoulder. Cristiano just sighed and plopped back onto the pillows.

"Doesn't he always?" Cristiano asked, adjusting his jeweled collar - another sign of his place in the castle. All the concubines wore them, but Cristiano's was particularly opulent, every inch of it encrusted with the finest white diamonds the kingdom had to offer. Diamond seemed to be the stone Messi had chosen for him, every piece of jewelry he was given was encrusted with them, from his bracelets and anklets, to his earrings, to his collar, even some of the more formal tunics had the clear stones woven into the fabric, though those were only to be worn when the King was entertaining guests at the castle. James' stone was sapphire, and Cristiano had to admit the blue did look lovely on him.

"He hasn't seen anyone else in weeks. Not even Neymar," James said quietly. "Who I hear is getting quite jealous."

"The king will always have a place for Neymar, I don't know why he insists on worrying," Cristiano said with a wave of his hand, bracelet jangling.

"Neymar is very fond of the king, everyone knows that," James said. "We all are. He's just and kind, which is more rare for a ruler than it should be."

Cristiano didn't say anything, mouth settled into a frown. James wasn't wrong, as much as he hated to admit it. James kept talking.

"And he's a very good lover," the younger man said with a blush. "Very unselfish."

"Unfortunately," Cristiano said with a sigh. The little flea seemed to take great delight in making Cristiano come over and over. It was like a challenge to him, or a game - one he was determined to win every night.

"He seems quite taken with you. The whole castle is talking about it, you being the King's favorite."

"The whole castle is nothing but a bunch of gossips. And you, dear James, are the worst one," Cristiano said with a raised eyebrow, making James duck his head and smile shyly.

"Just promise you won't forget about me when you marry His Grace and become King Cristiano," James teased, nudging Cristiano playfully. Cristiano made a face and laughed.

"Hardly. Firstly, I'm a concubine, and Kings don't marry concubines. Secondly, I was only a soldier in my past life, a commoner. His Grace will marry royalty, someone from a neighboring kingdom, most likely, to help secure his borders," Cristiano said, waving his hand dismissively.

"But it would be so romantic," James said with a smile. "A King marrying for love. Imagine the songs the bards would write about it, His Majesty seeing an enemy soldier and being entranced by his beauty, taking him as a concubine, then falling in love with him."

Cristiano raised an eyebrow. "I'm a prisoner here, James. A prize the King won - that's the reason he's 'taken' with me, as you say. I'm walking, breathing proof that he's the finest swordsman in the world. He doesn't love me and he never will," Cristiano said firmly. "You dream too much, my friend."

"I think you don't dream enough," James said in a friendly tone. "And I think you're more fond of him than you let on."

"Now I know you dream too much," Cristiano said with a laugh. James just smiled at him again, starting to say something when a servant approached.

"Your bath is ready," the woman said. "And the King will be expecting you soon."

Cristiano sighed softly. "I have to go," he said, standing up and patting James' cheek gently. "Try not to float away while I'm gone."

"Enjoy your night with the King," James said teasingly. Cristiano shook his head and laughed.

"I will - that's the problem," he said, giving one last smile to his friend before letting the servant girl lead him to the baths.

Chapter 3

The baths in King Messi's castle were second to none. The warm fragrant water engulfed him up to his neck while the servant girls washed his hair and he was so relaxed he felt he could have fallen asleep at any moment. Only soft female tittering was keeping him awake.

There were far more women in the room than necessary - only two of them were actually doing anything, the rest were simply peeking at his naked body and giggling amongst themselves. Cristiano didn't mind much; he worked very hard to keep his body in peak condition and if people wanted to admire it, so much the better. He preferred their harmless curiosity over the jealousy he experienced from some of the other concubines. A few of them could be quite vicious. Most were nice enough, though, trying to earn the favor of the one favored by the king. He didn't know what it was about him that fascinated King Messi so much - he was beautiful, certainly, but so were all the concubines. And they were far more eager to please than Cristiano was. Perhaps that was it - maybe the king enjoyed the challenge.

"Would you stand up, please?" one of the women asked, and Cristiano rose obediently for her to shave and oil his tanned skin. Before he'd come to Castle Nou, when he was still a soldier in Bernabéu, he'd worn a full beard as a sign of his virility. But now the King kept him smooth below the eyebrows and insisted he spread fragrant oils all over his body to keep his flesh supple. It worked, there was no doubt about that - Cristiano's skin was as soft as silk, and sometimes the King would spend the whole night just stroking and caressing him. That was rare, however - most nights he ended up on his knees in King Messi's absurdly large bed, panting against the pillows. And Cristiano had no doubt that's how he'd spend tonight as well - word of the King's exploits in Roma had spread throughout the castle, everyone knew about his violent clash with that Italian soldier. It was rare for their usually unflappable king to explode that way, and Cristiano wondered if La Pulga would still be keyed up from the encounter. His anger was unusual, but when it came it tended to stay for a while.

Once they were finished preparing him for the King, they slid his luxurious tunic on him and led him out the door. He didn't really know why he had to bother with the tunic as it hid absolutely nothing, but for some reason the King always insisted he dress before entering his bedchambers. The door to which was enormous, encrusted with all manner of exotic jewels and stones, and he didn't even have to stop as the guards recognized him immediately and allowed him to enter. A loud thunk and click of a lock sounded throughout the room, and then he was alone with his king.

"Come here," he said, beckoning his concubine over to where he was perched on his chair. It wasn't quite as impressive as his formal throne, but it was close, all black leather and steel, a sharp-edged 'M' etched into the top. Cristiano padded over to him, bare feet silent on the stone floor as he crossed the distance between them, coming to a stop once he was between his king's spread knees.

"Still as beautiful as ever," the king said, reaching out to tug his tunic open and slide it off him. The flames blazing in the fireplace kept the chamber air warm, but Cristiano still shivered, goosebumps appearing on his bronzed skin.

"Were you expecting anything else?" Cristiano asked with a raised eyebrow. That sort of tone would never be allowed in public, where Cristiano had to be deferential to his liege at all times, but here, where they were alone, he was free to loosen his tongue. The didn't reply, running his roughened hands over Cristiano's fragrant, silken skin. It wasn't so long ago that Cristiano's own hands were that rough, hardened from years of sword fighting, but now he wasn't allowed to so much as look at a weapon. The muscles on his body were now just for form rather than function. His leather armor had been replaced by silky tunics. He was the spoiled, pampered pet of the man who had once been his enemy.

"What does His Grace require of me tonight?" Cristiano asked as the king's calloused hands fondled him. Messi simply tugged him forward, guiding Cristiano to straddle him on his shining steel throne. The king was dressed head to toe in leather, the material rough and unpleasant against his cosseted body, making Cristiano cringe a bit, and he frowned at the thought that such a minor thing would bother him. Living this coddled life was making him soft, Cristiano thought with a sigh.

"Just let me look at you," the king said, hand sliding up his chest, neck, coming to cup his jaw. "Your beauty calms me."

"That's all I am now, isn't it?" Cristiano asked, shivering when the king stroked a thumb over his throat. He'd spent so many nights with that hand around his neck, particularly in the beginning, when he was still learning to submit to his ruler. "A pretty face. I was a soldier once, a warrior. Then you came along."

"You're too beautiful to be a warrior. This is where you belong, here with me," Messi said in his soft voice, leaning into pepper kisses against Cristiano's long neck, making him shiver in his king's lap.

"'With you?' You mean under you," Cristiano pointed out, tilting his head to give the other man more room. "You could have put me to work anywhere, or you could have let me join your army. I was the best swordsman in the world ... until you."

"You were meant to be in my bed," the king insisted, kissing Cristiano roughly on the lips. "Don't I take care of you? I give you fine silks, jewels, furs. You eat the best food and drink the best wine. Even now you wear the gifts I brought back for you from Roma," he said, touching Cristiano's wrists where two diamond bracelets glittered on his skin.

"Shackles. A sign of your ownership over me," Cristiano said. "I was the finest warrior the world had to offer and now I'm nothing but La Pulga's whore."

Messi cupped his face between calloused hands. "And you love it. I hear how you cry out when I take you," he whispered roughly, and Cristiano flushed red and tried to look away. "You find completion every time, do you not? You have since the very first night." Cristiano closed his eyes at the memory of that night, the night his life was altered forever, when Messi bested him in combat and then parted his long legs to claim what was rightfully his. Cristiano didn't have a reply for him - as much as he hated to admit it, the little flea wasn't lying.

"Undress me," the king said, guiding Cristiano out of his lap.

"That's what your servants are for," Cristiano griped, even as he unbuckled Messi's leather breastplate. The king hadn't bothered to turn, so Cristiano was forced to reach behind him, essentially hugging the him as he removed the thick leather armor, and he felt a soft mouth pressing against his long tanned neck.

"I remember the first time I saw you," Messi said softly, his hands wandering over Cristiano's chest, toying with the silver, diamond encrusted rings pierced through his nipples - another thing the King had insisted on. His nipples had never been something that concerned him during sex before Messi had them pierced, but now anytime they were stimulated a shot of lust went straight to his cock. "You had long hair and a beard, but I could see how beautiful you were underneath it all."

Cristiano didn't respond, just stripped off the king's armor, then went to work on his clothes, baring that pale flesh to his gaze. Messi's body was small and compact, but there was power there as well, particularly in his thick thighs and meaty ass. Cristiano had spent many nights kneading those ample round globes, digging his fingers in, urging the king to fuck him harder and deeper. It was embarrassing to think about, and Cristiano could feel his cheeks heating up. Messi tugged at the rings decorating his nipples, making Cristiano shiver. The king continued talking. "I knew I would have you. I knew you would be mine, that I would do whatever it took to have you by my side."

Cristiano started to undo Messi's leather breeches, yanking the laces angrily. "By your side?" he asked incredulously. "If you wanted me at your side I would be your husband, or at least your consort. Not your whore," he said, peeling the breeches down Messi's legs and tossing them aside, then stripping off his underclothes until he was fully nude, just like Cristiano was. The king wore no jewelry, had no diamonds or precious jewels glittering on his skin - warriors had no need for such frivolity. The only adornment he had was his colorful tattoos. "I'm a prize you won."

"You force me out of my chambers whenever you bring guests to the castle, because you want them to see what you've reduced your rival to. The Dark Invader, once the finest warrior in the world, now nothing but your pet. I should be on the field, holding my sword," Cristiano bit out.

"You miss battles that much? The warring, the death, the blood?" Messi asked, gazing up at Cristiano.

"Yes! I was born to be a fighter. Let me join you, or at least let me train your soldiers. You know there's no one better to do it than me," he said pleadingly, face drooping when Messi shook his head.

"No, I will not put you in harm's way. You're too precious to me." Messi cupped his face, thumbs stroking over Cristiano's cheeks. "This is where you belong now. With me, always."

Cristiano stared into the king's eyes. "James thinks you love me. He's under the impression you'll marry me one day. Foolish, isn't he?"

Messi seemed to falter at that, breaking his gaze with Cristiano. "James is young and sweet, but also prone to flights of fancy. I am obligated to marry royalty like myself. A king has a duty to marry wisely, for the good of the kingdom and his subjects."

Cristiano watched as Messi climbed into his enormous bed, pale skin stark against the dark furs, looking everywhere but at his face. "Join me," he ordered, and Cristiano had no choice but to obey his king, sliding into the bed beside him. "I'm weary from traveling. Let us sleep for now."

"Weary from traveling?" Cristiano asked, feeling Messi's calloused fingers moving through his dark curls, stroking them gently. "I think your weariness comes from fighting. Everyone is talking about it, you attacking that soldier in Roma."

The king sighed softly. "A sorry display. A king should never behave in that manner."

"What did he say to you?" Cristiano asked curiously, propping himself up on his arm and gazing down at Messi. The king averted his gaze again.

"It doesn't matter. I'm weary, as I said. Duke Mourinho arrives tomorrow and I need to rest. No more questions," he said firmly.

Cristiano's brow furrowed. "Duke Mourinho? My king, you must promise me you will not allow him near James."

Messi propped himself up on his elbows, sighing. "I'm aware that the Duke is ... not the kindest of men. But I would not allow him to harm any of my concubines."

Cristiano sat straight up in the bed, frowning. "He's awful. Please, my king, spare James from his attentions - I will entertain the Duke myself if need be - "

"Absolutely not," Messi said firmly, face darkening. "You are mine."

"Your grace, I see the way the Duke looks at James and I fear for his safety if that awful man ever gets him alone. I can handle him, should it come to that. But James is young and innocent and kind. If he insists on the company of a concubine during his stay, I will gladly take James' place."

"No!" The king was almost shouting now, surging upward and gripping Cristiano's face between his hands. "I will try to steer him away from James, but he cannot have you. You are mine and only mine, and my word on this is final."

Cristiano sighed. When having guests of high rank to the castle, the king would usually offer them the company of one or more of his concubines, all of whom were happy to help their king curry the good favor of his powerful visitors. With the exception of Cristiano. The usually giving king was uncharacteristically selfish when it came to his most favored concubine - Messi would parade him about, having him lounge on pillows next to his shining gold throne, but would always politely refuse when other men would express interest in the company of the former Dark Invader. It was as if he was showing them what they couldn't have - very unusual for the generally understated King Messi. "Swear that you will not allow him to harm James."

"I won't allow him to harm anyone," Messi said genuinely, pressing his lips to Cristiano's, sliding his arms around the other man and holding him tightly. "Especially you. Enough of this for tonight, we must sleep."

Cristiano nodded and sighed heavily, letting the king guide him under the bedcovers, their naked bodies pressed tightly together. The king was the first one to drift off, slumbering peacefully at his concubine's side while Cristiano stared up into the darkness of the chamber. He didn't doubt that the king would do his best to shield James from Duke Mourinho's advances, but a knot of worry had settled into Cristiano's stomach and refused to budge.

It was several hours before Cristiano was able to relax enough to sleep.