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Chapter 11

Chapter Notes

The last proper chapter! Thank you all so much for sticking with me through this whole thing! As a reward, I plan on writing a porny little epilogue, so be on the lookout for that! I love you guys!

It was late in the evening when the King called him into the great hall.

He didn't usually go in there - it was reserved for visiting dignitaries and the like and rarely got used otherwise. Cristiano figured Messi wanted him to meet someone, maybe something about training new soldiers for his army.

"I have some ... some people I think you'll want to see," Messi said softly. He sounded hesitant and unsure. Cristiano furrowed his brow.

"Yes, Your Grace. Who is it?" Cristiano asked curiously. Messi slid his hands down Cristiano's arms reassuringly, then gestured to a guard standing nearby. There was some movement and voices coming from outside the hall, then three women entered and headed straight for him. Cristiano reeled back a step, his heart dropping to his feet, his stomach twisting into knots.

"My boy," his mother said, weeping openly as she gathered Cristiano in her arms and held him close. His sisters did the same, hugging him all at once. Cristiano's throat felt constricted, his head spinning enough to make him sway on his feet. Messi had stepped aside discreetly to give them privacy.

"Mãe?" Cristiano said in disbelief. His eyes darted back and forth between his mothers and sisters, tears springing to his own eyes. They all looked older, his sisters especially, both grown women now, but still as familiar to him as if no time had passed at all.

"Yes, my darling boy, yes. The King came to us, brought us here to see you. I missed you so much, my love," his mother wept, stroking his face, wiping his tears away. He'd been so sure they'd never want to see him again, but they were here, weeping over him. Cristiano's knees trembled and he held onto his mother's arm tightly.

"Hugo? Where is he?" Cristiano asked softly. Dolores looked hesitant for a moment, struggling to speak. His sister chimed in.

"Give him time, brother. He just ... he needs time, that's all," she said reassuringly. Cristiano ducked his head - his brother didn't want to see him, not after his defeat and humiliation at the hands of the King Blaugrana. His mother stroked his hair again.

"He'll come around, my boy. The King has offered to let us stay for as long as we want, we can all talk and catch up. You look so different," she said, touching his shaved face. "But I would recognize these eyes anywhere."

He slid his arms around her waist and held her close, breathing in the scent of her hair. She smelled just as warm and comforting as he remembered, and he couldn't help the tears that dripped down his cheeks. "Mãe. Elma, Katia," Cristiano said softly, bringing his two sisters in and hugging them as well. "I can't believe you're all really here."

"We can't either, brother," Katia said. She kissed his cheek. "We thought you were lost to us forever. We thought you'd die a slave."

Cristiano shook his head. "Li-His Majesty, he set me free. I wanted to come home so badly, but I ... I just - " he broke off, lowering his head again. "I disgraced our name."

"No, my boy," Dolores said quietly. "You could never do that. You're always my dear baby boy, no matter what."

Cristiano buried his face in his mother's shoulder. "I love you, Mãe."

"I love you, my darling. We all do, Hugo too. Let's sit, we'll sit and talk. We have so much to tell you," his mother said eagerly. He took her hand, just as he did so many times when he was a boy, and let her lead him forward.


The sun had started to rise when he finally made his way, alone, to the King's chambers. He had expected Messi to be asleep, but the little flea was wide awake, waiting for him.

"Cristiano," Messi said, padding across the stone floor. "Are you ... did everything go well?"

"Wonderfully," Cristiano said softly. He wanted to gather Messi up in his arms and hug him for giving him his family back, but he felt frozen in place. "Thank you. I can't tell you how - how much it means to me. I haven't been this happy in so long."

He saw a wince flash across the king's face for a brief moment. "I'm so pleased, Cristiano. Will you ... will you be returning to Bernabéu with them?"

Cristiano shook his head. Messi, usually so inscrutable, couldn't hide his relief. "No, I explained that I wanted to stay here. I don't know what we're doing, my king, or where it will lead us, but I - I feel something for you. I have for a while. And I want to see it through, to whatever end."

Messi nodded, stepping close to Cristiano. Having him so near weakened Cristiano's resolve, and he grabbed the smaller man and caught him in a crushing hug. "Thank you so much, my king. I can never repay you, ever."

He felt warm hands slide up his back slowly, the King's face pressing into the juncture of his neck and shoulder. "When I contacted them they were so happy to hear that you were well. They've been wanting to see you for so long, Cristiano. And I wanted to tell you that I invited them, but I just didn't know how. I thought you would refuse."

"I would have," Cristiano admitted. "I was afraid ... but it doesn't matter now." He pressed a kiss to the top of the King's head, holding that small firm body against his own. It felt so right and familiar, Messi pressed close like this. He ducked his head and gave the King a ghost of a kiss, cupping his face in gentle hands.

"Thank you," Cristiano said sincerely. The King leaned up on his toes and pressed their lips together again, sending a shiver through Cristiano as he slid his hands around that trim waist. He didn't want to move too quickly, didn't want to let lust cloud his feelings for the King, so he only allowed the kiss to continue for another brief moment before guiding Messi away gently. The King accepted it, backing away when Cristiano nudged him.

"We have time, my king. All the time in the world," he reassured the other man. Messi nodded.

"Of course. I admit I'm selfishly glad you've decided to stay," he said softly. Cristiano smiled. He felt lighter than he had in years. He had his mother and sisters back, and he was sure Hugo would come around eventually.

"You complicate things for me, Lionel," Cristiano said with a smile. "I was simple before you. I only needed a sword, good food, good sex. But then you came and now I feel like I don't know what's up or down."

Messi looked sheepish, ducking his head. "Is it good or bad?"

Cristiano thought for a long moment, then smiled. "It's good."

"It's very good, little lion."



Chapter Summary

The King and Cris get closer. Much, much closer.

Chapter Notes

And that's it! Thank you guys so much for sticking with me. I hope you enjoy this porny little epilogue. Be warned, though: it's very sappy!

Leo landed on his back with a soft 'oof.'

"I told you you wouldn't win hand to hand, your majesty," Cristiano said with a grin, putting his hands on his hips and gazing down at the king. Scowling, Messi picked himself back up and resumed a fighting stance.

"We'll try again," the king ordered, gesturing for Cristiano to continue. The king was a determined little thing, and absolutely deadly with a sword in his hand, but Cristiano's greater bulk and longer reach gave him the advantage in an unarmed fight. But Messi didn't seem close to giving up, so Cristiano shrugged and struck out once more. Truthfully, he was tired and hungry, but getting to see the King's sweaty, wiry body naked from the waist up was too pleasing to turn away. Messi looked quite fetching, eyes dark and fierce, firm muscles bunching and flexing as he moved, sparring intensely with Cristiano. His elfish ears were pink from frustration and exertion and Cristiano badly wanted to nibble on them.

He needed to concentrate. Getting distracted would give the king the advantage. Seeing an opening, Cristiano surged forward and took the king down to the floor, laying his heavy bulk on top of him, rendering the smaller man immobile. Messi groaned in frustration and Cristiano shifted a bit, a rush of heat going through him at their shirtless bodies being pressed together tight. The king felt so warm against him, firm and familiar, and he shivered pleasantly at the first touch of Messi's hands on his sides.

"I didn't hurt you, did I, Your Majesty?" he asked softly, lips dropping open as Messi's hands slid up his bare back, caressing his sweaty tanned flesh.

"Not at all," the king said as he leaned in and kissed Cristiano's neck. Messi had a hungry look on his face, determined an eager, the way he got sometimes on the battlefield. Cristiano trembled again, remembering how fierce Messi had been their first time together, panting and wild-eyed on top of him, body thrumming with adrenaline and the thrill of victory. He hadn't been with anyone since he and the king stopped being intimate, mostly because no one would come near the king's favorite former-concubine, but also because he hadn't truly wanted anyone else. He only wanted the king. No one else was worthy.

"Really? Because it feels like you have some swelling, my king," Cristiano teased, one leg slipping between Messi's thighs.

Messi - Lionel, really, at this point - rolled his eyes good naturedly. "Still as much of a brat as ever. You're the one who caused this 'swelling', you know."

Cristiano widened his eyes in mock-innocence. "I did? How did I do that?" Cristiano asked, rolling his hips and rubbing himself against the king, grinding their pelvises together. They both had on their leather breeches, so it was difficult to feel much, but after so long of nothing but his hand to satisfy him, it still felt wonderful. Lionel slid those rough hands down his back, sliding lower and lower until he had a firm grip on Cristiano's ass, and he leaned in for an eager kiss, too worked up to take it slow. Their tongues met in a rough tangle as they rutted against one another, Cristiano's hands sinking into the king's hair while big hands groped him. It was so perfect, so right, the king grinding up against him, invading his mouth with a hungry tongue, igniting a fire in him that he'd been trying to squash since he first arrived at Castle Nou. The kissed frantically on the floor of the king's chambers, until Lionel could no longer stand the discomfort.

"Bed," Lionel panted, nudging Cristiano up. "The floor is no place for this."

Sliding sinuously off the king, Cristiano stood up and stretched his sore muscles, delighting in feeling Lionel's hungry eyes on him once more. "I wanted to take this slow, my king."

Lionel hesitated a bit until he saw the glint in Cristiano's eyes. He untied the laces on his breeches and parted the sides, putting his rapidly hardening cock on display. Cristiano swallowed thickly. It was the same as ever, flushed pink with arousal, mouth wateringly fat, and Cristiano wanted it inside him more than he wanted anything in that moment. "Are you refusing my advances?"

Cristiano's response was stripping off his clothes until he was nude and exposed in front of his king. Lionel responded in kind, and soon they were both bare and eagerly pressing their bodies together, lips meeting in a rough kiss once more.

"I've missed you, my little lion," he murmured against Lionel's mouth, letting the king guide him down onto the bed. "Have you missed me?"

"Yes," the king hissed, hands roaming over Cristiano tanned flesh, freckled from working so much in the sun. His heart ached at the touch after going so long without, his stomach twisting with want, overwhelmed by the touch of another. He'd been craving his king's touch, a lover's touch, on his deprived body so much it almost hurt. Cristiano had never handled loneliness well, even more since he'd gotten so used to a loving caress on his skin practically every night. Wantonly, he arched up into Lionel's soft touches and kisses, skin aflame wherever his king's rough hands met his tender flesh.

"So soft," the king murmured, nuzzling into Cristiano's neck while one hand drifted between his strong thighs.

"I still - oh," Cristiano moaned at the first soft touch on his cock. "I still use the oils."

Lionel kissed down his chest. "And you keep shaved, too."

"It itches when it grows back. Easier to keep the hair gone than deal with it," Cristiano explained in a shaking voice, shivering when Lionel's finger brushed the piercing in his cock. He'd kept them all - why, he couldn't really say. It certainly felt amazing, Lionel's hot mouth closing around his nipple and teasing the metal pierced through it with his tongue, making heat coil low in his belly.

"You kept all the trappings of one of my concubines," Lionel pointed out, giving Cristiano's cock a few slow strokes as he kissed his way down his sculpted chest. "But you hated being one. Interesting."

"I hated not being free. I hated having no choice. Now I can choose whether I want to -" Cristiano gasped, his fingers sliding into the king's soft hair as he closed his mouth around Cristiano's rigid cock. "Whether I want t-to look like one of La Pulga's whores. And I d-don't have to wear sheer tunics anymore, so no - no one needs to know ..."

It was incredible, having a warm mouth around his cock again, and Cristiano trembled all over at the sensation, his eyes glued to the king's dark head bobbing in his lap. It had been so long - even when Cristiano was a concubine, they didn't engage in this particular act very often, at least not this way. Generally it was Cristiano on his knees, struggling to fit his king's thick cock in his mouth while Messi pulled at his dark curls. Only when the king was feeling sentimental would he allow Cristiano to lie back and be pleasured.

But everything was different now. He wasn't a slave anymore.

Moaning, he gave the king's hair a little tug as he moved his mouth faster, engulfing as much of it as he could. Cristiano had to force himself to stop staring, eyes squeezing shut as he tried to hold his orgasm off for as long as he could. He was going to come embarrassingly fast tonight, his skin burning, his palms tingling at being touched and pleasured after so long of having to fend for himself. There was a tap on his hip and Cristiano glanced down, seeing Messi point to the bedside table. There was a little pot of oil there, as usual, and Cristiano hesitated before reaching for it. Was he ready to allow himself to be taken? It was different, spreading his legs because he was a slave and had no real choice. But letting the king have him, and not only allowing it, but wanting it, craving it, well ...

He handed Lionel the oil. No one else was here with them, and it was no one else's business what he enjoyed in the privacy of his king's chambers.

How the king managed to slick his fingers up while continuing to suck at Cristiano's cock, without spilling any of the oil, Cristiano would never know. He simply sat the little pot back on the table, parting his legs and sighing in contentment at the familiar brush of his king's fingers against his eager entrance. It felt so good, so right, feeling those thick fingers inside him again, opening him up, teasing that wonderful spot inside him that never failed to make his back arch and his toes curl.

"My king," Cristiano breathed out, tugging helplessly at Lionel's hair as his tight body was worked open. "My lion. I've missed you ..."

There was movement, then Lionel was between his legs, kissing along Cristiano's long throat. "My dark beauty," the king murmured against his skin. Cristiano was so relaxed, so at ease being in his king's arms again that there was hardly any discomfort when the king finally pushed into him, filling him, completing him. His cock was slick, so hot and hard as it sank in deep, drawing a ragged moan from Cristiano's parted lips while his legs wound around Lionel's trim waist. "My love."

"Yes," Cristiano moaned, arching up against Lionel as he started to move, hips rocking languidly into Cristiano's tight, clenching little opening. "Harder, my king, Lionel, I want to feel it."

Lionel moaned helplessly, grabbing Cristiano's leg and hitching it up higher on his waist before driving into him roughly. Cristiano cried out and arched his back in pleasure as that thick cock stretched him wide and hit that perfect spot inside him dead on. Neither one of them was going to last long, that he knew, but there was one thing he wanted to try before their lovemaking was over. With one big push, he shoved Lionel over onto his back and climbed on top of him, straddling the other man and smiling at his shocked face. They both moaned as he sank back down on Lionel's cock, letting it fill him once more.

"Are you sure, my love?" Lionel asked, his hands roaming over Cristiano's sculpted body. Cristiano smiled down at him and started to move, rocking in the king's lap, eyes drinking in the sight of Lionel's flushed face. It was heady, the look of desire the king wore, his lusty eyes black as coal as he watched Cristiano move. Cristiano couldn't remember a time when he'd ever found the king more beautiful. Knowing how much Lionel wanted him ignited a fire low in Cristiano's belly and gave him the confidence he needed to just let go and ride his king's cock, sinking up and down on it at the pace he enjoyed most, taking his pleasure wantonly.

"Does that answer your question, my king?" Cristiano asked breathlessly, bouncing harder in Lionel's lap while the king gripped his hips roughly. Cristiano threw his head back in pleasure, crying out each time Lionel's cock touched that magic spot inside him, his whole body tingling when the king's hand curled around his cock and started stroking him. It was so soon, too soon, but he was going to come, he could feel it down to the tips of his toes. The king sat up, drawing his head up so he could look into Cristiano's eyes while Cristiano moved on his cock. Cristiano moaned, slowing his pace, just rolling his hips sinuously as the king traced the seam of his mouth with the fingers of his free hand. Ducking his head a bit, he caught the king's forefinger in his mouth, sucking at it suggestively while his hips rocked back and forth. Their eyes were locked together, their bodies moving in perfect concert as Cristiano's orgasm built up and up, his entire body tensing, his clenching rim squeezing Lionel's cock so tight that the king, usually so quiet and stoic, actually cried out in pleasure. Cristiano felt warmth flood him and that was all it took to push him over the edge, moaning his king's name as he came between their bellies, making a mess of them both.

Lionel moved his hands, winding his arms around Cristiano's waist as his head fell forward onto the king's shoulder while he panted for breath. "Lionel," he panted, drawing the king in for deep, sated kisses. "My little lion."

"My love," the king murmured, guiding them both down onto the bed, softening cock slipping out of Cristiano's sore body, making him hiss softly. "Are you all right?" he asked, skimming his hand down Cristiano's back.

"Perfect, my king. I wanted to feel it," he said quietly, drawing Lionel against him. "I am tired, though."

Lionel fluffed a pillow, then guided Cristiano over to lay on it, kissing his jawline softly. "Sleep, my beauty. I'll look after you."

"Look after me?" Cristiano asked with a smile. "Just for tonight? Or for always?"

Lionel kissed his lips gently. "For always, my love."

"For always."

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