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Lionel Messi/Cristiano Ronaldo


Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo

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Published: 2015-08-30 Completed: 2015-10-26 Chapters: 3/3 Words: 9859

Uneasy Lies the Head That Craves the Crown

by pseuicide


Lionel wins the Best Player in Europe award. Cristiano congratulates him. Sort of.


I don't know where this came from! It's just porn basically, and Cristiano being a petty little tease. Hope you guys enjoy!

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Chapter 1

The last person Leo expected to run into in the men's room after the UEFA gala was Cristiano Ronaldo, but as soon as he exited the stall, he almost ran straight into him. Cristiano didn't look the least bit surprised, just gazed down at Leo with an unreadable expression.

"Congratulations," he said diplomatically. He didn't sound very sincere, but Leo wasn't going to point it out. Their height difference meant that Leo was eye level with Cristiano's neck, and he had to crane his head back to see the other man's face. His lips were turned down into an almost pout, and he looked remarkably handsome close up like this - whatever criticisms one could make of Ronaldo, he was undeniably a very attractive man. And he was standing so close that Leo could smell his expensive cologne, feel the heat coming off that muscular body.

"Thanks," Leo said sincerely, shifting awkwardly from foot to foot while he waited for Cristiano to move.

"You had one hell of a year," Cristiano said, finally moving aside so Leo could pass to wash his hands at the sink. Leo nodded as he soaped up his fingers.

"It still feels like a dream," he said, grabbing some towels and drying his hands once they were clean. "I'm still afraid I'll wake up at any moment," he said with a small smile. Cristiano didn't return it, just continued to gaze at him, and Leo couldn't begin to guess at what was going on in the other man's head. He didn't look angry or upset, but he certainly wasn't happy, either. He looked almost ... calculating. Like he was planning something, maybe. He stepped closer to Leo, crowding him up against the sink, and Leo swallowed hard.

"So, a second kid, huh? Are you looking forward to it?" he asked, tilting his head. Leo blinked - Ronaldo had never expressed any interest in his personal life before.

"I, uh, yes, definitely. It's a blessing," he said, glancing up at Cristiano. He really was very good looking, Leo thought, even more so up close like this. His lips were very pink and soft looking, and Leo found himself having to squash the urge to lean up and kiss that little pout away.

"Have you and your girl gotten married yet?" Cristiano asked, eyes dropping to Leo's mouth. Ronaldo's predilection for men wasn't exactly a secret among footballers, but he knew the other man had a very specific type - and that type was nothing like Leo. He didn't know what Cristiano was playing at, but he could feel his heart beating faster in his chest at his nearness, at the proximity of those sulking lips.

"N-no, not yet. Next year," he explained, and Cristiano nodded slowly, one hand coming to rest on Leo's waist. Feeling the heat of it through his suit made him shiver.

Cristiano licked his lips, eyes meeting Leo's. "But that kid, Neymar. You and him seem really close. It doesn't bother her?"

Leo nodded. "Me and Ney are ... we're really good friends," he said, voice breaking. He didn't generally divulge personal information like this, but Ronaldo's nearness was making his head feel fuzzy and loosening his tongue. It wasn't like Cristiano was going to go running to the media if Leo told him the truth. Ronaldo was a footballer like him, and footballers had a code. "Antonela understands."

"You have an agreement?" Cristiano asked, grabbing Leo's tie and tugging him toward the stall. Leo's heart was pounding, blood rushing in his ears, cock twitching to life in his trousers. "With her and Neymar?"

"Yes, we - we all have an understanding," Leo murmured, allowing himself to be tugged forward, until he was locked in the stall with Cristiano. It wasn't nearly as private as it should have been, and all Leo could do was pray no one came into the bathroom.

"A girlfriend, a hot little piece on the side, and a blowjob in a public bathroom. You really get around, Messi," Cristiano said with a smirk, backing Leo up against the wall. "You want to kiss me, don't you?"

He couldn't stop himself, the words slipping out unbidden. "Yes," he breathed, and Cristiano just smirked again, sliding his arms around Leo's waist. He leaned down until their mouths were a hair's breadth apart, teasingly brushing his lips against Leo's, making the Argentine shiver. But at the last moment, Cristiano ducked his head and buried his face in Leo's neck, kissing the pale skin there. Leo let out a shaky breath, feeling Cristiano's hand slip between his legs. Leo was already getting hard, cock filling out behind the zipper of his trousers, and the press of Cristiano's heel against his growing length made him jump a bit. He felt Cristiano smirk against his neck.

"Just relax. I'll take care of everything," he murmured softly, deftly tugging Leo's trousers open and sliding a hand inside, squeezing Leo through his underwear. A moan escaped him without his permission. "Shh. Don't make too much noise," Cristiano chided. Leo gave a shaky nod, teeth biting into his bottom lip as Cristiano eased his cock out and wrapped a hand around it. His eyebrows shot up, an impressed look coming over his handsome face.

"Pretty nice," he said, taking his suit jacket off and hanging it on the hook on the back of the door before sitting down on the edge of the toilet. It was unlike Leo to be this reckless, but somehow he knew that he'd never get this opportunity again, and the possibility of having his cock sucked by Cristiano Ronaldo was too tempting to pass up. He curled his fingers around Leo's cock, giving it a few slow strokes. "It's thick. I bet your skinny friend Neymar squeals nice and loud when you slip this in him."

Leo let his head thump back against the door of the stall when Cristiano flicked his tongue over the tip of his cock, teasing the little slit there. "Unless you bottom?"

"We - we switch," Leo panted, running his tongue over his dry lips. Cristiano just chuckled a bit, giving the head of his cock a long slow suck. Without thinking, Leo started to put his hand on Cristiano's head, only to find his wrist caught in a tight grip.

"Don't touch my hair," Cristiano said, forcing Leo's wrist down by his side and holding it there before engulfing his cock again, wrapping his lips around it agonizingly slowly. His mouth was so hot inside, wet and eager, and his pretty pink lips looked amazing stretched open wide around Leo's thick length. He didn't try to touch Cristiano again, just gazed at him as the other man swallowed him down. He wanted to moan, to cry out at the pleasure of it, but it was too risky, so he dug his teeth into his lower lip and tried to keep quiet as Cristiano sank down on him, deeper and deeper, until his nose was touching Leo's abdomen. Not many people were able to deep throat him and Leo's head was swimming from the feel of it, the sensation of that slick warmth, spasming slightly as Cristiano swallowed around him.

"Fuck," Leo gasped, staring down at Cristiano, eyes wide and blazing black with lust, meeting the other man's when he glanced up at him. Cristiano looked even more beautiful like this, peeking upward with a big dick buried in his throat, and Leo wanted so badly to grab his hair and pull, thrust his hips forward into that slippery heat. But he didn't dare - he knew he had to play by Cristiano's rules, so he kept his hands to himself and simply watched while Cristiano started to bob his head. He was sinking down all the way on each downward movement, his free hand slipping into Leo's trousers to toy with his balls. Leo was panting harshly, barely able to hold back his moans, cock achingly hard now under Cristiano's talented ministrations. He didn't know if it was the best blowjob he'd ever gotten, but it was certainly near the top of the list - Cristiano's movements were fluid and confident; he'd clearly had a lot of practice. Leo wasn't surprised - Cristiano's work ethic was legendary, and he probably practiced giving blowjobs as obsessively as he practiced everything else.

Leo whined softly when Cristiano pulled off, pumping the shaft of his cock while his tongue teased the head. "Do you want to come in my mouth?" he asked, gazing up at Leo hotly. Leo almost choked on his tongue at the question, heart hammering in his chest.

"God, yes," he panted, his free hand moving to cup Cristiano's jaw. The other man smiled softly, working his cock with an expert hand, curling his tongue around the tip of it. It was maddening being teased this way, but Leo could still feel his orgasm building rapidly.

"That's disappointing. I was hoping you'd come in my ass," he teased. Leo's breath caught in his throat, his eyes slipping shut as he pictured it - Cristiano bent over in front of him, trousers shoved down around his ankles, panting and crying out as Leo fucked him hard. "Do you want that, hm?" he asked quietly, standing up and pressing Leo against the door of the stall. When Leo opened his eyes Cristiano was leaning down, their faces inches apart. He was so beautiful, looking like walking sin, like temptation personified. In that moment, Leo wanted him more than anything.

"Wanna fuck me, baby?" Cristiano asked again, stroking Leo's cock while Leo panted and moaned quietly. He was so close, his orgasm tightening his belly while he tried desperately to hold it off, Cristiano's hand moving faster now on his cock.

"Fuck yes," Leo murmured. He was so close, he didn't know how he was going to hold out long enough to fuck the other man. Did Cristiano have lube? A condom? He didn't know, he didn't know anything except how much he wanted to bury himself inside Cristiano's firm, tight ass. He squeezed his eyes shut, trying to get a hold of himself.

The air felt shockingly cold when Cristiano pulled away.

"Maybe some other time," Cristiano said coolly, slipping his jacket back on before guiding Leo out of the way and stepping out of the stall. Leo blinked in confusion.

"What?" he asked, watching Cristiano wipe his hands clean with a towel, then check himself out in the bathroom mirror. He looked completely unfazed, like he hadn't just been sucking Leo's cock in a men's room. Leo was still desperately hard, cock flushed, still wet from Cristiano's saliva.

"Maybe some other time," he repeated. "It was fun, but I have to get back to Ricky. Congratulations on your win."

"You can't just - what the fuck," Leo said, trying to make sense of the situation. Was Cristiano really just going to leave him like this?

"You might want to take care of that before you go back out there. People will talk," he said, nodding toward Leo's erection. He adjusted his tie, then headed toward the door. "See you later, Messi."

And then he was gone.

Leo reeled backward, stumbling backward into the stall and locking the door behind him. Leo stared down at his still-hard cock, shoulders slumped, trying to figure out how he was going to take care of this without ruining his suit. One thing was for sure - the next time they met up, Leo was going to pay him back for this.