[MC]Uneasy Lies the Head That Craves the Crown 2

Chapter 2

Chapter Summary

Cristiano and Leo meet again after the Ballon d'Or.

Chapter Notes

Here's the sequel! There's going to be one more chapter after this one (so poor Leo can finally get his revenge!)

Please read the tags for anything you may be upset or triggered by! This gets a little rough in places. And a warning that Cristiano is kind of an asshole in this! Also, I tagged it as hate sex because there was nothing else that fit, but I wouldn't say either one hates the other. It's just not a lovey-dovey happy thing they have going on.

The second time they met in a bathroom it was at the Ballon d'Or gala. Only this time Leo was the one cornering Cristiano in the men's room.

The taller man looked unperturbed, gazing down at Leo curiously. "Did you follow me in here?" he asked.

Leo's cheeks turned pink. "I wanted to talk to you."

"Mm? About what?" he asked innocently, guiding Leo out of the way so he could get to the sinks to wash his hands. Leo's mouth twisted in annoyance - Cristiano knew perfectly well what. They hadn't had a chance to interact since that night of the UEFA gala; Cristiano had done a fantastic job of avoiding him at the Clasicos, and it wasn't like Leo could just show up at his house.

"About what happened that night. In the bathroom," Leo clarified, watching as Cristiano calmly dried his freshly washed hands.

Cristiano gave a non-committal shrug. "Sorry, I don't know what you're talking about."

Leo felt anger bubbling up inside him. "You're a liar. You know damn well what you did."

Cristiano tossed the towels aside and stalked over to Leo, backing him up against the bathroom wall, towering over him. Their height difference seemed huge suddenly, with Cristiano looming like this, Leo having to crane his neck back all the way to see the other man's face. "What, you want a repeat?"

Leo swallowed hard. Cristiano's nearness was making his cock stir in his trousers, no matter how hard he tried to control it he couldn't seem to calm himself down. His body felt scorching hot pressed up against Leo's and the scent of his cologne mixed with his own unique smell was intoxicating. But his anger was still there, just below the surface, anger at how petty Cristiano had been to rile him up and then leave him hanging, alone in a men's room with a hard, unsatisfied cock.

"No," Leo lied. "I want to know why you did that to me." It wasn't like Leo to be so confrontational, but just seeing Cristiano and being forced to sit beside him at the award show caused a flood of emotions as powerful as what he had felt that night all those months ago - confusion, humiliation, anger. It was like it had just happened yesterday.

Cristiano smirked and grabbed him between the legs, rubbing the heel of his hand against Leo's hardening cock, making Leo let out a strangled noise. "You know why I did it. I was pissed off and jealous, and don't try to act like you wouldn't have felt the same way if our situations were reversed. I just have bigger balls than you."

Leo groaned as Cristiano coaxed him to full hardness, making Leo squirm against his muscular body. "Son of a bitch," Leo spit, glaring into Cristiano's eyes when he leaned down until their faces were inches apart. "La concha de tu madre!"

Cristiano's only response was an amused smirk. "You can cuss at me all you want but this," Cristiano squeezed his cock. "Doesn't lie. Want me to suck you off again, baby?" Cristiano asked as he moved his hand in slow circles, making Leo groan. "We're staying at the same hotel ... I'm in room 340. This time I'll let you fuck me," Cristiano's lips curled up, but it was more a baring of teeth than a smile. "And if you're a very, very good boy, I just might let you come."

With a smirk, Cristiano turned on his heel and walked out, leaving Leo, once again, hard and unsatisfied in a men's room. Leo thumped his head against the wall angrily.

If this was the game Cristiano wanted to play, Leo would just have to figure out a way to beat him at it.


Cristiano had just gotten out of the shower when he heard knocking at his hotel room door. Leo was still furious as he stalked inside, hearing the soft click of a lock indicating he was finally alone, in private, with the man who'd gotten the best of him twice now.

"Where's your ball?" Cristiano asked him, one manicured eyebrow raised.

"Anto took it home with her," Leo explained. He was still annoyed, scowling up at Cristiano.

"You look hot when you're angry," Cristiano teased, strutting over to Leo. Leo let his eyes skim over Cristiano's body - the other man was wearing nothing but underwear and he was distractingly well-shaped, body chiseled and sculpted, skin looking perfectly smooth and tan, hair free of gel and drying into ringlets. Leo wanted to yank at those dark curls, jerk his head back while he fucked him hard. Leo had never been particularly insecure about his height before, but it was infuriating him suddenly, the way Cristiano was towering over him, looking down his nose like Leo was an amusing little dog he was riling up until it nipped at his ankles. He wanted to wipe the smirk off the bastard's face.

"So let me ask you a question," Cristiano said smoothly, peeling Leo out of his suit piece by piece. "Did you take your frustrations out on Neymar that night? Your wife was pregnant at the time, right? So you couldn't go to her. But Neymar ... he'd let you do whatever you wanted to him. Did you bend him over? Pull his hair and make him scream?"

"Shut up," Leo fumed. "Don't talk about him." He felt exposed suddenly, standing there naked while Cristiano still had his stupid CR7 boxer briefs on, so in a fit of anger, he grabbed the waistband and jerked them down the other man's legs. Cristiano just laughed and stepped out of them, and Leo felt a silly surge of pride that his cock was bigger than Cristiano's. At least it seemed to be - Leo was half-hard already while Cristiano was still totally soft, and Leo reached out to stroke him only to find his wrist caught.

"No touching," Cristiano said, and Leo twisted his wrist to pull away, but Cristiano's grip was too tight. He tugged Leo forward, pressing their bodies tightly together, making Leo gasp. Cristiano's body was exactly as firm as it looked, and it sent blood rushing straight to his cock to have that tanned form flush up against him. He wished he was as good with words as Cristiano - he wanted to trade verbal barbs with him, say something cutting to try to bring him down to size, but all he could focus on was his cock filling out between his legs, the supple yet hard body being held against his, the unique spicy scent of him filling up Leo's senses. "I like to be fucked deep, with passion. None of that jackhammer shit," he said. "Are you capable of that or do I have to ride you and take care of myself?"

Leo scowled, finally jerking his hand away angrily. "I've never had any complaints."

Cristiano snorted. "That doesn't mean shit. I'll be the judge here," he said, giving Leo's hair a tug before strutting over to the bed and laying down on it, sprawling onto his back with his arms above his head. He looked like a lazy housecat waiting to be petted.

Leo wanted to make him scream. Fuck him hard until he was a whimpering, trembling mess, begging Leo to let him come.

Climbing onto the bed, Leo slid his hands up those long legs, roughly guiding them apart. There was slickness glistening between his thighs - he must have prepped himself before Leo arrived - and Leo licked his lips at the images that popped into his head suddenly of Cristiano on his back with his hand between his legs, thrusting his fingers into himself. He was gazing at Leo, looking almost bored, and his cock was still frustratingly soft, laying against his muscular thigh. Leo tried to touch it again, but once more found his hand being batted away.

"I said no touching," he chided, and Leo huffed in aggravation.

"You're ridiculous. What man doesn't want his cock touched?" Leo asked, jerking his wrist away.

Cristiano just raised his eyebrows. "It's prefer prostate orgasms," he explained, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "You can do that, right? Make a man come just from fucking him?"

Leo turned red. No man he had ever fucked had come without having his cock touched. Leo hadn't known it was possible. Cristiano must have seen it on his face, because he let out a chiding tut.

"Wow, poor Neymar. He's really missing out," he said, a pitying expression coloring his handsome features. Leo grabbed him by the throat suddenly, not squeezing, just holding.

"Don't say his name again," Leo growled. Cristiano grinned at the sudden outburst and Leo could see a bit of pinkness color his cheeks. Maybe he liked the roughness?

"Mm, maybe there's more to 'pecho frio' after all," he teased, and Leo scowled angrily at the nickname. He climbed up the bed and straddled Cristiano's head, grabbing his jaw firmly. He blinked a bit, looking amused, another smirk curling his lips up.

"Want to fuck my mouth, baby? This should be good," he said with a laugh, but he opened his mouth expectantly, and Leo didn't waste any time, guiding his hard cock between those waiting lips. Groaning, he pushed all the way in, easily sliding down Cristiano's throat, stilling once he was buried all the way in. He wanted to grab Cristiano's hair and pull, but he didn't bother trying, just cupped his face as he started thrusting, shoving eagerly into that warm wet throat. Cristiano took it expertly, like he'd done it a thousand times before, putting a hand on Leo's ass and squeezing tightly as he gazed up at him with dark, amused eyes. Leo groaned in frustration, picking up the pace and fucking harder into Cristiano's mouth in long, fast thrusts, staring down at him to watch his cock disappear over and over. Cristiano wasn't doing much, just lying there letting Leo use his mouth, but the amused look did dissipate when Leo gave a particularly hard thrust, making him gag just a bit. It was immensely satisfying, and Leo pushed hard again, feeling a wet spasm around his cock as Cristiano choked. Those dark eyes finally fluttered shut for a moment, and Leo took the opportunity to sneak a hand into his hair, giving it a hard pull.

Cristiano moaned around his cock.

It occurred to Leo suddenly that the reason Cristiano didn't want his hair pulled wasn't because he didn't enjoy it, but rather because he did - he liked hair pulling and roughness, but he didn't want Leo to be aware of that because he didn't want Leo to have the upper hand. He only got one more pull in before Cristiano shoved him off roughly, sending him flopping back onto the soft mattress.

"You're not good at following instructions, are you?" he asked, panting, voice ragged. Leo smiled for the first time that night.

Cristiano gave him a hard glare. "You aren't cute," he grumbled, and Leo was on him in a flash, shoving him onto the bed and kissing at his neck, situating himself between those long shapely legs. Cristiano dragged his fingers up Leo's back, tilting his head to the side to give Leo more room. "Eager little thing, aren't you?"

"Not little where it counts," Leo grumbled, grabbing Cristiano behind the knees and pushing his legs back and up. "You stretched yourself before I got here."

"I didn't trust you to do it," Cristiano said, hissing when Leo bit his neck. "Ai! No marks."

Leo soothed the place he had bitten with his tongue, slipping a hand between Cristiano's thighs and sinking a finger into him, finding him open and wet. Cristiano shifted his hips. "Where's the lube?"

Cristiano licked his lips. "Lube and a condom are on the nightstand. I hope you're going to be more passionate when we get going." Leo slipped his finger out of Cristiano and fumbled for the items, rolling the condom on before giving his cock a once over with the lube.

"Do you ever shut up," Leo mumbled, shifting up onto his knees between Cristiano's spread thighs, grasping his cock and rubbing it teasingly against the other man's stretched hole. Cristiano sucked his lower lip into his mouth, back arching when Leo finally pushed into him, sinking all the way in one long slow slide. He was so hot inside, suffocatingly tight despite the stretching, and Leo saw the other man's face scrunch up in discomfort, but he was completely silent, obviously not wanting to give Leo the satisfaction of hearing him whimper.

"Don't move," Cristiano ordered. Leo shifted minutely to get more comfortable and immediately Cristiano's legs wound around his waist, powerful thighs squeezing so hard Leo couldn't have budged an inch even if he'd wanted to. Leo let out a soft groan, rubbing his hands up and down Cristiano's sides soothingly.

"Stop that. I'm not your lover," Cristiano groused in a ragged voice, batting Leo's hands away. "We are not making love here. You're fucking me, and you'd better do it right, understand?"

Frustrated, Leo grabbed Cristiano's jaw, smearing lube across his skin. "Son of a bitch," he gritted out. "Loosen up your legs and I'll show you what I can do."

Cristiano smirked and Leo wanted to slap him. Instead, he moved his hand to Cristiano's long neck, feeling his prominent Adam's apple bob as he swallowed thickly, color rising in his cheeks again. Leo stared at him, taking in every minute reaction and storing the knowledge away for later as Cristiano's thighs slowly relaxed around him to finally allow him to move. He felt a bit like he did when he was on the pitch, watching every movement of the other players, brain working to pick out their weaknesses so he could exploit them. Without taking his eyes off Cristiano's face, he started thrusting into him, deep and slow at first while the other man adjusted, giving his neck a light squeeze. Cristiano was silent through it all, but Leo could see his lashes flutter briefly and Leo repeated his actions curiously. When he saw another flutter of Cristiano's lashes, he tightened his grip around the other man's throat, enough to cut off his air, then gave a hard thrust into that clenching hole.

Cristiano arched his back.

Grinning, Leo shifted his hips and started thrusting into him roughly, changing his angle up each time he pushed in until he saw Cristiano bite down into his lower lip hard. Confident that he had found the other man's prostate, he aimed each thrust at that exact same spot, and sure enough, when he glanced down he could see Cristiano's cock finally coming to life against his belly.

"You like it, baby?" Leo asked, throwing Cristiano's words back at him and giving his ear a nip. He finally released that long neck, listening to Cristiano gasp harshly as he caught his breath, that big muscular body squirming a bit under Leo. He didn't respond to the question, just bit his lip so hard Leo thought he might draw blood, trying desperately to hold back his moans as Leo nailed his prostate. It didn't take very long for his cock to fill out and it gave Leo a huge burst of confidence, driving him to thrust harder into that hot, tight ass. He was even bold enough to pull out and tug Cristiano by the arm, trying to guide him onto his stomach. "Turn over."

Cristiano rolled his eyes but did as requested, lazily turning onto his front, making indignant noises when Leo manhandled him onto his knees. "How predictable. I can't say I'm surpri - fuck," he yelped when Leo thrust back into him roughly, grabbing onto his hips and yanking the other man back onto his cock.

"Not used to a cock this size?" Leo asked, laying a sharp smack on Cristiano's ass. He heard a growl and a litany of Portuguese curses pour out of Cristiano's mouth but it only spurred Leo on, making him pound into the other man roughly. Cristiano had to bury his face in the pillow to muffle his moaning, and Leo finally gave in and buried his fingers in those dark curls, yanking hard.

"D-don't flatter," Cristiano started, losing his breath at a particularly hard thrust that hit his prostate dead on. "Don't flatter yourself," he spit, cock bobbing between his thighs as Leo hammered into him. Leo pulled his hair again and Cristiano finally, finally moaned openly, and Leo could swear he was pushing back to meet Leo's rough movements. "Slow the fuck down," Cristiano panted.

Leo wrapped a hand around his throat again and Cristiano shivered. "Why? You like it. Your cock is dripping," he pointed out, tightening his hand around Cristiano's throat again, making him yank at the sheets helplessly, mouth hanging open, eyes rolling back in pleasure. Leo felt like he'd just won the league, jubilation and a deep sense of satisfaction overcoming him at the knowledge that he'd finally gotten the better of Cristiano. A thought came to him suddenly.

He released Cristiano's throat and the other man dropped his head down onto the pillow, gasping for breath, too turned on now to bother hiding his moans. Leo himself was groaning raggedly, voice wrecked as he murmured in Cristiano's ear. "Do you want to come, baby?" he asked, echoing Cristiano from all those months ago.

"Fuck you," Cristiano panted, yelping loudly again when Leo slammed into him. "God dammit, you asshole. Make me come," he ordered. Leo grinned and nipped his earlobe.

"Maybe some other time."

Leo managed to pull out, strip off the condom, and climb off the bed before he was caught in an iron grip. Cristiano grabbed him around the middle and lifted him entirely off the floor, throwing him unceremoniously back onto the bed.

"Fuck no, you little asshole. That's not how this works," Cristiano said angrily. He was on Leo in a flash, straddling him and sinking back down onto his cock without any concern about a condom, the only lube being what was already inside him. It burned and it was so much more intense, making Leo thrust his hips up eagerly while Cristiano started to ride him, capturing his wrists in a bruising grip and pinning them above his head.

"You're going to make me come, understood?" he asked, eyes blazing as they stared into Leo's, and all he could do was nod and moan helplessly, thrusting his hips up while Cristiano bounced on his cock. His wrists were being held so tight he was sure he'd have rings of bruises in the morning, and the slick heat around his cock was making him tremble all over. Cristiano looked like a man on a mission, mouth set into a determined line as he worked his hips, slamming himself down on Leo's thick length again and again, his head right near Leo's, so close that Leo could lean up and kiss him. This time he did, surging up as much as he could and planting a kiss right on that pouting mouth, and to his surprise Cristiano allowed it, kissing him back hungrily. Their tongues met roughly, lashing together while Leo thrust up hard. He wanted to touch Cristiano all over, but his hands were held tight in the other man's firm grip and he was unable to break the hold no matter how much he struggled. Cristiano felt heavy on top of him, big body pressing him down into the mattress, and he finally broke the kiss so he could ride Leo properly. He tugged Leo's wrists down, holding them at his belly as he bounced on Leo's cock and openly cried out. Leo had never been ridden this vigorously before, hard enough to make the headboard of the bed pound against the wall, and he panted hard, feeling his orgasm creeping up on him.

But he was determined to make Cristiano come first. He gritted his teeth, planted his feet on the bed, and started thrusting hard into that hot slick hole, making Cristiano throw his head back and moan. "Don't you dare come inside me," Cristiano ordered, sinking down on Leo's cock again and again, squeezing so tight around him that Leo almost lost his breath. Cristiano's cock was bobbing up, smacking against his sculpted abs, and Leo wanted so badly to stroke him but his wrists were still held tight.

"Let my hands go," Leo complained, pounding up into Cristiano, squirming and writhing under him. He'd never felt so submissive to someone he was topping and it turned him on and irritated him in equal measure. He was sure it was intentional on Cristiano's part, a belief that was confirmed when the big Portuguese brat smirked down at him, deliberately clenching his muscles around Leo's aching cock.

"You don't need them. I told you, I prefer prostate orgasms. Now shut up and make me come," he panted, and Leo threw his head back against the pillows and hammered up into Cristiano as hard as he could, using the powerful muscles in his ass and thighs to his advantage. Cristiano was being jostled, holding onto his wrists for purchase, bouncing on his cock and moaning loudly. The grip the other man had on him was painful - Cristiano was muscular and very strong, but Leo didn't mind it, using the pain to spur himself on. It only took a few more thrusts and Cristiano was coming, without ever touching his cock, shooting ropes of pearly white fluid out onto Leo's abs. Leo had never seen anything like it, and he hadn't really believed it was possible until this moment, until he saw with his own eyes. Cristiano's muscles were spasming and contracting around his cock and Leo grit his teeth, his entire body tense and trembling as he struggled not to come.

"Don't come inside me," Cristiano reminded him, and Leo cussed at him, struggling in his grip. Cristiano just held him tight, rocking slowly on his cock. "Don't fill my hot little ass up with your come until it overflows and drips out of my stretched hole."

"Shut up," Leo gasped, eyes squeezed shut so tightly he was seeing spots behind his eyelids. Cristiano was still moving on top of him, rolling his hips, working his ass on Leo's cock like he was being paid to do it. "Get off me if you don't want me to come inside you."

A smug smirk spread across Cristiano's face. "But it feels so good," he moaned, and Leo knew it was all exaggerated, knew Cristiano was only doing this to torture him, but it was still one of the most arousing things he'd ever heard. "Your cock is so big, baby. So deep in my tight ass. Fuck me, fuck my ass harder, Le-ohhh" he teased, moving on Leo's cock faster now, moaning loudly and clenching his muscles. Leo thrashed under his heavy body, feeling a huge orgasm building up from what seemed like the tips of his toes. He knew he couldn't hold back anymore, he was going to come hard, right inside Cristiano's clenching, grasping hole, he couldn't stop it, he was, he was -

The air felt icy cold after the heat of Cristiano's body. The other man was off like a bolt of lightning, rolling to Leo's side and laughing as Leo came all over his belly in what was probably the least satisfying orgasm he'd ever had. He still couldn't move his hands with Cristiano holding them, and his cock spasmed helplessly, just leaking come like a broken faucet rather than shooting out ropes like usual. It gave him no relief at all, and Leo cursed and struggled until Cristiano finally let him go.

"That's called a ruined orgasm, in case you were curious. Very hard to pull off," Cristiano explained, unconcerned as Leo cursed up a storm and gathered up his clothes. "It's all about the timing, really."

"You motherfucking son of a bitch!" Leo bit out, angrily throwing his clothes on. Cristiano had gotten the best of him, again, and Leo's cheeks burned with anger and humiliation. The other man was smirking at him, looking lazy and satisfied, and Leo couldn't think of a time he'd ever wanted to hit someone so much. He wanted to slap the smug look off Cristiano's face, chain him to the bed, fuck him until he screamed and begged for mercy. But Leo wouldn't let him come, would buy a cock ring and keep it on him for hours, days, weeks, until Cristiano was sobbing and begging for forgiveness, promising to give Leo whatever he wanted as long as Leo would let him come.

"You can show yourself out, right?" Cristiano asked, rolling onto his side and getting comfortable against the pillows. Leo stood there fuming for a moment, then stormed out and slammed the door behind him.

Cristiano doing this to him once was bad enough, but twice? Leo would get his revenge, no matter what he had to do. That overgrown brat was going to be begging and crying with want when Leo was done with him.

Leo just had to figure out how he was going to make it happen.