[MC]Uneasy Lies the Head That Craves the Crown 3

Chapter 3

Chapter Notes

And that's it! I of course had to end it on a sappy note. Hope you guys enjoyed this little universe! Warnings for bondage, face slapping, vibrators, choking, edging, cock rings, crying, and general roughness.

Leo still wasn't sure how he'd pulled it off.

"You sneaky son of a bitch," Cristiano spit, reaching up and tugging at the cuff around his ankle.

He'd had his face buried between Cristiano's strong thighs, licking him out while the bigger man moaned and tugged at his hair, telling him to be a good boy and use that tongue right, then Leo had slipped the cuffs out of his pocket and tethered Cristiano's ankle to the headboard.

"You think you're going to get even this way?" Cristiano asked, smirking down at Leo smugly. Leo surged forward, grabbing Cristiano's arm and cuffing it to the headboard as well.

"God dammit," Cristiano bit out. "Where did you even get these things?"

"The internet," Leo explained, sitting back and observing his handiwork. Cristiano still had one arm and one leg free, which just wouldn't do. But Leo wondered whether he could overpower Cristiano even with him half tied like this.

"Kinky motherfucker," Cristiano said with a smirk. He didn't look the least bit worried. "Aw, are you mad about what I did to you? Gonna get even with me now? I'm shaking."

Leo didn't reply, just climbed off the bed and went into the overnight bag he'd dropped next to the door. He had more cuffs, a blindfold, a gag, and one very special item - a cock cage. Cristiano wouldn't be able to come or even get hard while he was wearing it - provided Leo could manage to get it on him. He'd driven slowly on the way over; there was no way he'd be able to explain the contents of the bag if he'd been pulled over, and he certainly had no excuse to be in Madrid, especially since the season was over. Leo had been planning this since the night of the Ballon d'Or, when Cristiano had gotten the better of him for a second time. As nervous as he was, there was no way he was backing out now. He grabbed the other cuffs and climbed back onto the bed, kneeling beside Cristiano's head.

"So what are you planning, huh?" Cristiano asked conversationally. He still sounded smug and completely unbothered by his predicament, and it made anger well up inside Leo. Even with one leg and arm tied it still felt like Cristiano had the upper hand.

"I'm going to tie you up and fuck you," Leo said bluntly. Cristiano snorted.

"Doesn't sound like much of a punishment. You might annoy me sometimes, but I will give you this: you've got a big cock and you know how to use it. So I can only assume that my punishment will be that you're not going to let me come. Well, tell you what, go ahead and tie me up the rest of the way, and if you can make me beg, I'll let you come inside me. Deal?"

Leo scowled. Cristiano was so full of himself. Leo angrily slapped the cuffs on him, chaining his wrists and ankles to the headboard. Much to his chagrin, Leo still didn't feel like he was in charge. He threw himself off the bed and stalked over to his bag, getting out the rest of what he needed.

"Nice little bag of tricks you have there," he smirked. "Wouldn't have pegged you as a top. But I bet Neymar just bends over for you and does whatever you want, doesn't he?"

Leo stormed back over to the bed and slapped Cristiano sharply across the face. Cristiano looked shocked. "Don't say his name again."

Cristiano scowled at him. "You didn't have to slap me, asshole."

"I really did," Leo said, kneeling beside Cristiano and slapping him again. Cristiano's cheeks were flushing pink, his eyes getting dark. "You like it, don't you?"

"No," Cristiano insisted. Leo could see his cock filling out between his thighs.

"Liar," Leo hissed, grabbing Cristiano's jaw tightly. "You love this. Being tied up and slapped around. Tell me how much you like it." Leo shook Cristiano's jaw, staring down at him fiercely.

Cristiano huffed through his nose. "Fuck you," he growled. Leo just smirked at him, then let go of his face so he could lube up his fingers. Cristiano wriggled. He was bent nearly in half, his legs stretched open wide and tethered to the headboard, and it couldn't have been a very comfortable position but Cristiano refused to complain. Leo rubbed the slick pads of his fingers against Cristiano's tight pink opening, so tempting and vulnerable, completely exposed by his position. He stared, transfixed, as his finger slid into that clenching heat. Leo decided that he'd do whatever it took to make Cristiano beg, as long as he got to come deep inside that famous body. He could picture it already, Cristiano writhing and crying, begging for relief, apologizing for what he'd done and swearing to be good for Leo from here on out. His little hole would be so stretched, practically gaping, red from friction as Leo's come dripped out of him. Leo was going to fuck him and come inside him as many times as he could. His whole body was hot with anticipation. He would make Cristiano beg.

He did know, of course, that he had his work cut out for him. Cristiano was just staring at him disdainfully, one perfectly manicured eyebrow raised. Leo shoved a second finger into him roughly.

"Fuck, you asshole," Cristiano hissed. Leo's fingers weren't slender, and it hurt the other man a bit to be stretched open so quickly. Leo had to fight his natural instinct to go slow and let Cristiano adjust, instead just pumping his fingers in and out carelessly. Much to Leo's pleasure, Cristiano was starting to get hard, cock filling out and lengthening as Leo stretched him open.

"Does Ricky do this to you?" Leo asked. Cristiano's entire face flushed red, an angry look coming over his features.

"Don't talk about him," Cristiano said. Leo raised his eyebrows and shoved his fingers into that tight hole deeply, making Cristiano grit his teeth.

"I won't talk about Ricky if you don't talk about Neymar," Leo offered. Cristiano sighed heavily.

"Fine. Just get on with it, I'm getting bored," Cristiano spit, wriggling against his bonds. Scowling, Leo yanked his fingers out and went into his bag to find a shining, circular piece of metal. Gazing into Cristiano's eyes, he dangled it in front of him.

"That better not be for what I think it's for," Cristiano said grouchily. Leo just smiled and slipped the ring onto his cock, guiding it down to the base. "Ugh, fuck you, Messi. This is cheating."

"You deserve it. Now you're not going to come until I let you. You're going to lay there and take my cock until I get bored," Leo said calmly as he slicked his cock up with the lube. Cristiano was glaring at him. "I'll give you the chance to back out now. Do you want to stop?"

"Fuck you," Cristiano said again, a determined set to his jaw. "Show me what you got, pulga."

Leo just glared at him, kneeling up and grasping the base of his cock, teasing Cristiano's smooth tight opening. Leo could feel the heat of his body, feel the resistance when he started to press forward, and it made his breath come quicker until he was almost panting as he pushed his cock into that scorching hot body. There was some rattling as Cristiano tugged at his bonds, his body going rigid, his face scrunching up in pain. He wasn't prepared enough and Leo knew it had to be hurting him, but Cristiano didn't make a noise, just breathed hard and squirmed as Leo sank inside him. It was so hot and tight, making Leo's hands tremble as he gripped Cristiano's thighs and slid into him inch by excruciating inch. Leo wanted to comfort him, wanted to stroke his soft skin and tell him to relax and let him in, soothe him the way he did with Neymar, but then Cristiano started speaking again.

"Is it in yet? I can't tell," Cristiano said in a strained, shaking voice, staring at Leo with fierce brown eyes. Leo smirked a bit and shoved himself in to the hilt, drawing a strangled noise from the older man. He didn't waste any more time, just started thrusting into that warm clenching hole. It was heady, having Cristiano tied up and at his mercy like this, that big muscular body squirming underneath him as Leo took what he wanted. Cristiano was letting out muffled, choked noises from low in his throat, his eyes squeezing shut tightly while Leo fucked him. Leo ran his fingers over Cristiano's cock, teasing him, and Cristiano jerked under him and grunted.

"Do you - do you like my ass, pulga? You jerk off at night r-remembering what it was like to - to fuck me?" he asked, panting hard, voice still shaking a bit. Leo just drove into him relentlessly, wrapping his hand around Cristiano's cock and stroking him. "Answer - answer me," he demanded. Leo smiled at him and leaned in, kissing Cristiano lightly on the lips. He jerked away with a noise of disgust at Leo's sentimentality, turning his head, so Leo just nipped and nibbled at that long neck.

"Stop treating me like I'm your boyfriend," Cristiano groused as Leo peppered kisses over his jawline. Cristiano's cock was hard in Leo's grip, but he knew the ring around the base of his cock would keep him from coming until Leo finally released him. He wondered how long it would take for Cristiano to beg. Shifting on his knees, Leo changed the angle of his thrusts, grinning triumphantly when Cristiano let out a soft moan. Positive he had found Cristiano's prostate, Leo aimed at that same spot again and again and again, until Cristiano was writhing fretfully, yanking at his bonds and gritting his teeth to hold back his moans. Cristiano grew rock hard as Leo fucked him, his face flushing pink, and he sucked his bottom lip into his mouth and bit it hard. Leo just kissed him and stroked his hands over Cristiano's smooth skin, caressing him like a lover.

"Stop with the romantic bullshit," Cristiano growled. Leo just grinned at him.

"Why? Do you want it rough instead?" Leo asked, giving him another slap across the face. Cristiano gasped, eyes fluttering shut. That long neck of his was so tempting and vulnerable, and Leo couldn't help but wrap a hand around it, giving it a light squeeze. Cristiano tightened up around his cock, making Leo moan.

"You like that, baby?" Leo asked harshly, driving into him over and over, hips moving like pistons as he gripped Cristiano's throat tightly. Cristiano's mouth dropped open in pleasure, his body relaxing. The rougher Leo was with him, the more Cristiano's demeanor changed - he wasn't growling or fighting as much now, and Leo squeezed his neck hard, cutting off his air.

Cristiano arched his back.

A wave of excitement flooded through Leo at the other man's reaction. "I'm going to come," he hissed, right against Cristiano's ear. He relaxed his grip so the other man could breath. "Inside you. And there's nothing you can do to stop it."

A quiet whimper escaped Cristiano's mouth, his cock throbbing in Leo's grip as Leo pounded into him. Leo sucked and licked at his neck, leaving little purple marks on his tanned skin, then squeezed his throat again, hard, making Cristiano arch up once more. Leo felt like his entire body was buzzing, every nerve alight with excitement as his orgasm started building low in his belly. Letting go of Cristiano's neck, he grabbed the other man's face and stared down at him, locking their eyes together. Cristiano seemed a bit dazed as he gasped for air, gazing up at Leo with a stunned expression.

"Do you want to come?" Leo asked, sliding a hand into Cristiano's hair and yanking. He was so close to coming but he wanted to hear Cristiano beg before he did. "Beg me to let you come and I'll take this off." Leo toyed with the ring around the base of Cristiano's cock. The other man whimpered again, writhing and arching up against Leo, his cock throbbing and dripping onto his abs. "Say it."

"Fuck you," Cristiano panted, sucking his bottom lip again. "I'm not begging."

Leo groaned, pounding into Cristiano again and again, over and over, until his entire body stiffened and jerked, and then he was coming, so hard he thought he saw stars. Cristiano moaned softly as Leo's come flooded him, shooting deep inside his clenching body.

"So good," Cristiano moaned. "Let me come for you, baby." His voice was sweet and wheedling, and Leo had to steel his resolve to keep from caving. He took a moment to catch his breath, then slid out of Cristiano, staring at his stretched, reddened hole for a moment as his come dripped out. "Leo," Cristiano whimpered.

"No. I want you to beg," Leo said firmly, climbing off the bed on shaking legs. Cristiano growled in frustration, yanking at his bonds again.

"Fuck you," Cristiano snapped. Leo just laughed breathlessly and dug through his bag until he found what he was looking for. He hid the object in his hand as he climbed back into bed. Cristiano eyed him suspiciously. Reaching for the lube, Leo slicked up the little vibrator he was holding, then slid it into Cristiano's stretched hole.

"No, no, no," Cristiano mumbled, squirming in anticipation. Leo flipped the switch on the power box, making the little vibrator buzz inside Cristiano, right up against his prostate. Cristiano let out a yell and strained against his bonds, cursing at Leo in every language he knew.

Leo picked up his jeans and fished out the key, uncuffing Cristiano's ankles and letting his legs down, but leaving his arms tied to the bed. The older man writhed on the bed, wriggling back and forth as much as he could as the object inside him buzzed against the most sensitive part of his body. Leo knew he must have been suffering, already being so stimulated from being fucked, but that didn't stop him from taking hold of Cristiano's cock and stroking him again.

Cristiano let out a broken noise. "Fuck you, fuck, Leo, god dammit," he babbled, trying to get away from Leo's stroking hand. The cuffs didn't allow him to go very far, though, and Leo just kept stroking him, pumping that flushed, dripping cock. Cristiano's body was glistening with sweat, his muscles straining as fought against his restraints.

"Shh, calm down, you're going to hurt yourself," Leo said, using his free hand to caress Cristiano's flank. "Just beg me to let you come and I will. I promise. And unlike you, I keep my word."

"No!" Cristiano shouted. "I'm not begging you for anything," he gritted out. Leo sighed heavily.

"Fine. I'll occupy myself until you're ready to behave." Shrugging, Leo climbed off the bed and padded out of the bedroom. He could hear Cristiano yelling, calling him every unflattering name there was, insulting him, his mother, his team, everything. Leo just smirked and made his way into Cristiano's kitchen, helping himself to whatever he could scrounge out of the fridge. He intended to fuck Cristiano again before the night was over, and he'd need his energy for it. Cristiano was bound to break eventually, Leo just needed to be patient, so when he was done with his snack, he headed into the living room to watch a little TV.


The sound of a loud fake car crash coming from the TV jolted him awake. Leo realized he'd fallen asleep on the sofa and frantically checked the clock - luckily, not too much time had passed. Enough, he was sure, that Cristiano was probably very close to breaking, if he hadn't already. He flipped the TV off and walked slowly back up the steps, able to hear the whimpering and cursing before he even got to the bedroom door. Cristiano was a wreck, his body drenched in sweat, his eyes glassy, his skin flushed a deep pink.

"Had enough?" Leo asked, settling back onto the bed. Picking up the controller, he increased the speed of the vibrator, making Cristiano wail.

"Fuck!" Cristiano yelled as he writhed on the bed. His movements were slower and weaker than before - he seemed exhausted. Leo smirked a bit. He almost didn't think the great Cristiano Ronaldo ever got tired. It was an incredible sight, and Leo could feel his cock coming to life for the second time that evening. Cristiano was whimpering now, making broken noises, shifting his legs restlessly, and Leo couldn't help but reach down and stroke himself at the sight. It was a little more difficult to get hard after coming once that night, but the sight of Cristiano writhing and moaning on the bed helped him along, made his cock grow rigid in his hand.

"You want to come, don't you?" Leo asked, gently sliding the vibrator out of Cristiano and turning it off before setting it aside. He reapplied a bit of lube to his aching cock, then gently nudged Cristiano's legs open and positioned himself between them. It was so wet and hot inside when he slid back in, slowly this time, less frantic than he'd been earlier. "Just say please."

"Não," Cristiano moaned, shaking his head helplessly, winding his long legs around Leo's waist. Leo's movements were languid this time as he started thrusting, slow and easy, like he was making love to the other man. Moaning, Leo left a trail of kisses across Cristiano's neck, sucking at his sweaty skin to leave more marks. That long tanned throat was covered in purple marks, and Leo was glad the season was over - there would be no innocent explanation for those bruises, or the redness around his wrists, or the stiff way he'd be walking for at least a day or two. Leo could feel his own come slicking around his cock as he rocked into Cristiano again and again, and he leaned over to pick up the vibrator, turning it back on. Cristiano was whimpering even before Leo touched him, his entire body stiffening up when Leo pressed the buzzing object against the head of his cock.

"Oh god, no, no," Cristiano gasped, trembling and writhing against Leo. His cock was throbbing and red, and he kept clenching up around Leo's cock, clenching his jaw hard to keep from crying out. Leo could tell he was close to breaking, so he shifted his hips and aimed directly at Cristiano's prostate, brushing against that sensitive spot expertly.

Cristiano wailed, and Leo could see tears leaking out from behind his closed eyes, his teeth biting into his lower lip so hard he drew blood. Leo made soothing noises, rocking into that overstimulated body. "Just say the words. Ask me to let you come," Leo murmured, nuzzling into Cristiano's neck. He could feel those strong thighs tighten around his waist, so much so that it was hard to move. Cristiano just kept whimpering, lips trembling as he cried from the force of what Leo was doing to him. Leo pressed the vibrator against the underside of Cristiano's cock and Cristiano finally, finally broke.

"Please," Cristiano cried. After the first time it was as if a dam had broken, and Cristiano started babbling in Portuguese, begging Leo for relief. "Please, please, let me come, please."

"Shh, it's ok," Leo said softly, thrusting faster now. Cristiano kept begging through his tears, shaking all over, clenching up tight around Leo's cock. It felt unbearably good, and Leo felt his own orgasm creeping up on him. "Do you want to come?"

"Yes, please, please, Leo," Cristiano babbled. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Please let me come, please, I'll do anything you want, please ..."

Leo groaned into Cristiano's neck, turning the toy off and tossing it aside before reaching for the ring binding the other man's cock. Cristiano was wailing and coming all over his stomach the moment Leo slipped it off, trembling hard and clamping down on Leo's thick length, making him groan low in his throat. He wasn't quite there yet, so he kept thrusting, sinking into that spasming hole and running his hands all over Cristiano's sweaty, wrecked body. He couldn't remember ever seeing any of his other lovers in this state, writhing and crying and begging, and it sent a thrill through Leo, made him shiver all the way down to his toes. It was incredible, knowing that he'd finally gotten the upper hand, it made him feel powerful and euphoric as he started thrusting hard into Cristiano's slack body. The other man was still whimpering as he came down from his orgasm, and Leo quickly tipped over the edge, coming inside Cristiano's warm body for the second time that night. There was hardly anything left after his first powerful orgasm, just a trickle flowing into Cristiano, but it was still amazing, and it made him groan with excitement. He barely managed to get Cristiano's hands uncuffed before collapsing to the side, panting like he'd just run for 90 minutes on the pitch.

All the anger he'd been feeling had drained out of him, so it was easy to reach over and stroke Cristiano's damp hair as the other man moaned brokenly. "Shh, it's ok, you're all right," Leo said soothingly, gathering Cristiano up in his arms. He supposed Cristiano wanted comfort wherever he could find it, so the other man didn't resist as he was pulled in close to Leo, just curling around him and gripping him tightly while Leo petted him and murmured softly, trying to calm him down.

"Are you ok?" Leo asked softly, tilting Cristiano's face up so he could look at him, gently wiping the tears off his cheeks. Cristiano just nodded, then laid his head back down on Leo's chest. Leo was sure he'd been back to his normal bratty self in a few hours, and he didn't know if they'd ever do this again, but for now he just let himself enjoy the feeling of that strong body gone so weak and vulnerable in his arms, sighing contently with the knowledge that he'd finally won.


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