The Romanian Comeback

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Published: 2018-05-28 Words: 1667

The Romanian Comeback

by AndreaDefao


The story takes place in the same universe of "Leo Story" and "Messi's Hotel" and the events happens immediately after the 3-0 loss of Barcelona against FC Roma and the knock out of the 2018 champions league.





"My God!"

"Edin! Edinhh!

"Ediaaaan! Please!"

Messi moaned helplessly before he started coughing semen out of his mouth as Džeko emptied inside his pussy for the zillion time! Leo hadn't given any blowjob lately, and the loads that kept pouring out of his parted lips were all pumped in his ass by Roma players!

Edin dug his endless cock in the Argentinian and pulled his hair and asked: "Please what?!"

Leo's eyes were shedding tears as he begged "I'm good at sucking! Please gimme a break, and let me suck your cock! I promise it will be great!"

Džeko followed mockingly "Oh! Really? Do you seriously believe that I don't know how good of a cock sucker you are? Of course, I do! Do you have any idea about how many people have recommended your mouth for me? Gosh! You've sucked—or to be more accurate, you've worshipped the dicks of half of the footballers that I know in my entire life!"

Messi was resistlessly letting go of cums out of his mouth as fluent as his saliva. He tried to harden his booty muscles around Edin dick to convince him to ejaculate, but his body couldn't follow his orders anymore.

He looked at his fucker in the eyes and pleaded "Džeko! Please! I'm not asking you to stop enjoying yourself. Just switch holes! If you feel that you still wanna go hard on me, it doesn't have to be a blowjob. You can fuck my skull!"

Edin grabbed the chastity which Roma players have locked on Messi's cock immediately after the match and followed "I never imagined seeing a man humiliating himself this much! Switch holes?! Your biggest wish is just to switch holes, to give your pussy sometime too cool down before hosting another cock! Man! Your master did a really great job in transforming you into a faggot! I'm speechlessly impressed!"

Leo was tearing massively, and he couldn't tell if he was hurt more by being knocked out of the champions league or because of Edin's treatment. He somehow managed to put words together and asked "So? Do you wanna try my other—" and before he could say the word "hole" he exploded in crying again as the feeling of shame took over him.

Džeko took off one of Lionel's socks which he was wearing during the match and used it to wipe out his tears and followed "I would love to look you in the eyes while face fucking you, but I'm sorry. I guess I'm addicted to the friction inside your hole. I always thought that banging a hole that's full of cums would be a disgusting thing to do, but honestly, the tight-slippery combination of your pussy proved me wrong, and I'm obligated to fuck it as an apology, Lionel! Hahaha!"

While things kept getting more intense, Messi was falling apart. His doggy style was shifting into a prone position as his muscles kept getting weaker with every thrust. He was shivering with pleasure and pain, but couldn't ejaculate thanks to the chastity. All he got to do was begging.

Džeko dug deeper and pushed his pubes against Leo's buttocks and asked "So, have you accepted my apology or not? If the answer is yes, you gotta tighten your hole for me to let me know that you aren't mad at me anymore. If you don't, I'll keep apologizing. Hah! My cock will keep apologizing from your intestine for underestimating your bitchiness and for kicking your ass out of the champions league! Hahaha!"

Messi shouted "aaaaaaah! Come on! Stop it already for God sake! You realize that I've been double fucked twice by your mates and there's no way in hell I would be able to tighten my hole now!"

The Bosnian smashed Lionel's ass again and again while whispering in his ear "if that's the case, I'll continue banging you till your man pussy regain its magic and makes me feel like I felt at the beginning of the night. It's a straightforward equation. If you don't tighten your lovely, screwed up, anal sphincter around my shaft, I'll not be horny enough to cum, and I would never stop if I don't fill you up with my seeds!"

Leo cried out loud "Listen to me, Edin! I know that you've paid my master to fuck me. I understand that I'm your slut, for now, your faggot, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm a human being at the end of the day! I've been gangbanged before, but it never was like what you and your teammates did to me."

His ass was being vandalized to the extreme as he followed "Ouch! Ash! Since the end of the match, you took me to your locker room. You crushed my balls with your feet one after another! You caged my cock and started fucking the hell out of me. You took me to the bus and continued. You brought me to this damn hotel and continued ruthlessly. My belly is inflated, and it's the first time in my life to vomit semen that got into me through my butthole!"

Messi kept suffering excruciating pain in his abused, inflamed prostate as he continued begging "Do you understand how scary this is for me?! For anyone?! And all that I'm asking for is a short break for my ass! A break where you don't stop abusing my body! A break where I'll keep serving you, just in another way! But you're too sick to give it to me? What kind of psychopath are you, Džeko? You pretend to be a man of ethics and morals, but you're letting your sadistic side take control of you!"

The Bosnian clapped and smiled and answered "You're seriously using the morals and ethics card? We all know who you are, babe! You dream about dicks. You thrive around them! Your only real complaint is about the greediness and the violence of your rapist and not the rape itself! Because you undeniably enjoy it like a whore."

Dzeko let go of a gush of thick, warm precum into Lionel's man-womb and followed "You blame us just because you can't comprehend the uniqueness of your buttocks. As a lifelong bottom, you've never enjoyed something like that. If you did, you wouldn't blame us even if we kept fucking you none stop for years! For us; Roma players, the jiggly flesh of your ass was the reason why we couldn't focus on the camp nou match, and it was the motivation to come back on the Olympico's."

"Our coach saw how everyone was crazy about your sexiness, and thus decided to rent you from your master as a reward if we get through to the semi-final, and we did it because of that!"

Then, all of a sudden, Edin pulled out his cock out of the Argentinian and followed "You know what! That feminine begging of you made me feel kinda sorry for ya" as he walked to the living room and sat on a sofa, turned on the TV to watch the second match between Juventus and Real Madrid and ordered Leo to follow him.

Messi was surprised as he grovels to the living room and kissed Džeko foot and thanked him. It was astonishing that Leo could crawl after all that happened. He was leaking loads out of his mouth and hole when the Bosnian separated his thighs a little bit and had a brief eye contact with Leo who immediately guided his mouth to Edin's dick and slurped his lips up and down.

The Bosnian had his unique way of disgracing Leo. He put a hand over his head and ordered: "Listen to me, bitch."

Messi kept eye-contact with him while sucking his cock all the way in. Džeko smiled widely and followed "I'll be watching the second match between Real Madrid and Juventus, and whenever the commentator mentions Ronaldo's name you'll swallow my cock to the deepest point in your throat as a sign of respect to the man! Okay?"

Leo was in no position to complain. He hates it when football gets in the middle of his slavery life, but as a well-trained faggot, he did as informed.

He kept the Bosnian cock in between his gorgeous lips for the entire game! More than 90 minutes and Leo was feeling an enormous glans penis at the deepest point of his throat! As humiliating as it was, it gave his pussy a chance to heal.

The game was heading to extra time after Juventus magnificent come back and Real Madrid got their final chance to pull through with a last-minute penalty. Messi was sucking as passionate and as submissive as he could while the commentator kept repeating Ronaldo's name.

Edin smiled and whisper while finally cumming into Lionel's mouth and spreading the sperms all over his cute puppy face "if Cris scores the penalty, you'll have to show more respect! Hahaha! You'll have to clap for him with your ass cheeks!"

Messi's eyes started shedding tears as he heard the commentator screaming already "Goaaaaaal! Ronaldo did it once again and carried Madrid to the semi-final!"

The Argentinian suddenly remembered all the moment he thought he was better than the Portuguese. All the goals he scored! All the trophies he git! And the five golden balls he won! It all felt worthless because no matter how many times Ronaldo lost on the pitch, he'll never get fucked by an entire team. He'll never have real man balls rubbing against his face. He'll never be forced to use his booty to clap for anybody!

Leo's face was full of sweat, semen, and tears when he started clapping with his buttocks for Ronald's unprecedented success in the champions league. Things couldn't get any worse as Edin took a snapshot and send it to Real Madrid players. A shot that showed Leo clapping in doggy style with Cristiano celebrating in the TV behind him.

The end

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