Write for Yourself


No matter if you are writing a diary or a blog or personal notes or self reflections or a description of what happened yesterday, I encourage you to write daily. Pour out your thoughts on paper to be read by you (and others) in the future.

Talk about the things you love or hate. Share what you dream and care and worry about. Listen to what others are saying about the same topics and construct an opinion of your own (not necessarily in this order). Take a clear, flexible position that might change as you learn more about what concerns you. (The more information you have, the more critical you can be.)

As Seth Godin would say: Don't hide. Write in public. Write for yourself. Then maybe, just maybe, what you write will resonate with your audience.


无论您是写日记,博客,个人笔记,自我反思还是对昨天发生的事情的描述,我都建议您每天写作。 将您的想法倒在纸上,以备将来您(和其他人)阅读。

谈论您喜欢或讨厌的事情。 分享您的梦想,关心和忧虑。 聆听他人对相同主题的看法,并提出自己的看法(不一定按此顺序)。 采取清晰,灵活的立场,这可能会随着您对所关注问题的了解而有所变化。 (您拥有的信息越多,您将变得越关键。)

正如塞思·戈丁(Seth Godin)所说:不要躲藏。 在公共场合写。 为自己写。 然后,也许,也许,您的写作会引起听众的共鸣。