20-01-11 Beginning

I was studying vocabularies when this idea came to me: write something in English. So I searched on website to see if there is any good place to write. And I found this.

I actually just want to practice my English, in thinking, in using the vocabulary I learned. I think about the path I learned about English writing, they are very fragmented, not systemized, and very basic. First I learned how to write short essay in compulsory schools. In classes teachers mainly only taught us how to use those sentence modle to form a complete essay. They are stereotyped, mediocre cliche. Then I came to university. The only attempt I made to improve my English writing is to take a writing class in only one semester. While doing homework, I searched appropriate words and expressions on computers in every sentence I made. No wonder I couldn’t do well by myself in the final exam. After that I had never tried to improve my English writing skills ever. So what I can bring out now is this childish and hilarious thing. But at least I tried my best.

I may actually have to improve my English writing skills from now on. There are many reasons. Firstly when I go studying aboard for my master degree I may need this to finish my paper. Secondly it could be helpful in my future career. Thirdly I may want to try to write to communicate. Such as writing answers on Quora, writing letters, or make speech scripts, etc. And lastly, in my personal perspective writing is a good way to help one get better understanding in reading. It’s the same as the relationship between appreciating music and actually writing a piece; watching films and actually make one; enjoying food and actually cook a dish. Creators can have a better understanding on how blocks form a structure and would always make fun in it. In this case writing can help me understand how words become sentences and paragraphs in an language. I really wish to read more advanced and sophisticated (compared with what now I could read) books in English in the future. And I believe writing can help me master this language better.

Someone is singing next door in Japanese. I can never imagine how soundproof here can be that nasty. I mean I sometimes - not ususally - made some quite weird sound from my room so… Luckily I wasn’t acquainted to the girl who lives next to me.

It’s Saturday today and the weather is very pleasant. I actually did few things today but it’s my routine. I miss my babe. He’s heading here next Sunday. I wish him all the best on the road. I miss him so much that just being with him could make me happy. We don’t need to do anything else actually, like going to those fancy place or having fun on some famous spot. We could just killing time hugging each other and that’s fine.

I wanna set somthing more down here. I was thinking about how he matches me so well the other day and the answer came to me that, he’s so straightforwardly on expressing love to me, and I adore it so much. I think about all those people I met, they are never like him. And I can never be happy without someone like him. I am like him, too, in the way expressing my feeling for people I love. I got hurt by people in not believing them loving me all the time, yet I still wish someone could directly express definite love to me someday. And he did. I feel like trusting someone again. I feel like I got a place where I could love someone with no doubt. I need this unconditional love from and to someone. Only then I feel complete.

Gosh I should really start a new draft for this.