20-01-13 Holiday Still

Today is Monday and it’s a national holiday in Japan. It’s the day called Coming of Age Day on which 20-year-olds celebrate their beginning of adulthood. I heard from one of my friend that there will be many people (especially girls) wearing kimono on this day. And here in Sapporo you may get to see them in Odori Garden.

I had this experience once to try on kimono. I think the key of kimono aesthetics is that you should look demure. The ladies who helped us putting on kimono wraped us with fabric and small pad, making us looks like a cylinder. Our female characteristics were to be hidden under kimono. In that way kimono is trying to make you look more demure and elegent, rather than sexier.

We only havd kimono on for a while. We took pictures ourselves and with each other. And later on we took them off and return them. I think to myself now that not only putting on them but also wearing kimono is not an easy task. We walked clumsily in them. Till then I could understand why those women in Japanese movies walk kimono in such little ground steps. The suit is so tight with such a narrow tail and with so much extra pad and cushin in it, that we could not move freely in it. Girls in kimono are like dolls with constained movements.

But all those traditional suits has this disadvantage, aren’t they? I mean those clothes for nobles. They are not for work. So the solumnity matters rather than convenience.

I have material to prepare for tomorrow’s group discussion so I would have to drop this for now.